Lifetime Income Tax Benefit - REALLY!!

Is there a catch?? Of course, there is! You must shop online.

Use our Amazon page and get an income tax deduction for all your  purchases! (Even if you do not file an itemized tax return). Email for full details.

This program is a fund raiser for Delaware Valley Sickle Cell Anemia, Inc.

As long as you are enrolled and use our Amazon page for your shopping, you get and income tax benefit!

Some shoppers can eliminate 50% to 80% of their income tax!!

If you have a large mailing list, become a referral agent and get additional benefits for helping us spread the word.  Email or call 609-284-8606

Here is OUR Amazon page.

(( ) (If link fails, visit and enter 'Delaware Valley Sickle Cell Anemia, Inc.')


We are supported by three income tax consultants.  If you need income tax preparation help, just let us know.  You are also entitled to a free income tax planning session with Compucunt, Inc. (via email & telephone